THE VISION OF MIRALOMAS is to create an iconic community intended to preserve the essence of the Texas Hill Country while fostering wildlife habitation, and creating natural connection points that engage residents through meaningful community adventure.

The Friends of the Preserve at Miralomas is a group that provides environmental education that prioritizes wellness and fosters native plant proliferation and responsible herd management.

Funds raised are used to support green spaces, maintain trails and ensure open terrain. Your support helps foster a community committed to preservation – one that shall benefit generations to come.



Pam Hodges

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Friends of the Preserve at Miralomas is dedicated to creating the conditions necessary for native flora and fauna to flourish, by promoting the growth of live oaks, persimmon, Texas red bud, and other indigenous trees while carefully removing invasive cedar, juniper, and bamboo. Likewise, we encourage responsible herd management of whitetail deer, turkey, and other native animals while discouraging the proliferation of feral hogs and other destructive animals. In addition, we promote hummingbirds (just look at our logo) and other pollinator species. Our vision for residents and non-residents of Miralomas is to enjoy and interact with the best of the Texas Hill Country. To further that vision, we provide each new homeowner with a complimentary two-year membership to Cibolo Nature Center & Farm, an organization focused on research and outdoor activities with nearly 100,000 visitors coming every year to learn the vital importance of land stewardship.


Friends of the Preserve at Miralomas plan to maintain our existing trail network and add exciting new ones in the coming years. We have employed an on-site biologist and use an innovative water conservation system that utilizes existing rain and run-off to provide irrigation to the native trees and plants and to provide watering places for animals, while controlling storm water to minimize erosion and flash-flooding. We are well under way cleaning and widening our existing trails and bridges. As the organization matures, we intend to expand the trail network into new watershed-based ecosystems.


Friends of the Preserve at Miralomas will educate visitors by way of maps posted along the trails and, virtually, by interactive apps and monitors in the Miralomas Clubhouse. As the organization matures, we intend to complement our existing efforts with educational programs in the form of instructor-led nature walks and workshops on sustainable living practices. Our primary focus is to educate all visitors on the diversity of our five different ecosystems within the preserve, and understand their vital interrelationship.


Friends of the Preserve at Miralomas will host frequent community outreach events, encouraging the broader population to learn more about the preserve, its trails while focusing on the identification and contextual significance of native plants and animals. In addition to people hiking and enjoying the preserve, we hope the unique beauty will encourage special events, such as weddings and other celebrations.