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At Miralomas, we have taken every care to preserve and embrace the natural topography of the land. Here, you can discover a deep connection with nature and enjoy all the comforts of rural Hill Country living.

Careful attention to the natural habitat is maintained by biologists and studies, including one on the golden cheeked warbler, an endangered bird we have sighted over a dozen times.

Our covenants require dark sky lighting to minimize light pollution and protect the skies over Miralomas. Utilities and roadwork are also kept to a minimum to create an economy of costs and limit the scarring effect of cutting roads through limestone hills.

Our trail system benefits through the efforts of Friends of the Preserve at Miralomas. This nonprofit is committed to providing environmental education, maintaining conservation efforts, and fostering wildlife habitation.

We use funds raised to preserve green spaces, plan community outreach initiatives, and maintain trails so future generations can enjoy the land in its natural state. Your support makes preservation possible.


Friends of the Preserve at Miralomas is dedicated to creating the conditions necessary for native wildlife to flourish. At Miralomas, we have preserved over half of our land for natural habitats and ecosystems for wildlife, like hummingbirds and other pollinator species. All of our conservation efforts further our vision to give you the best of the Texas Hill Country to enjoy.


The proper distribution of water and rainfall is critical to maintaining a healthy ecosystem. So, we have installed an innovative water conservation system using reclaimed water to provide irrigation to native trees and plants and watering places for animals. We also have solutions in place to minimize erosion and manage storm water runoff.


As a Miralomas resident, you will receive a complimentary two-year membership to Cibolo Nature Center & Farm, an organization focused on educating visitors on the importance of land stewardship. This membership is a gift from your builder and Miralomas Development. This way, you can be our partners in maintaining the beautiful green spaces of our Hill Country home. We also plan to host instructor-led nature walks and workshops on sustainable living practices in the future. Our primary focus is to educate all visitors on the diversity and interrelationship of our five different ecosystems.


Miralomas is a place where closeness with nature enhances your well-being and encourages personal and family connections. We hope the unique beauty of Miralomas will encourage special events, such as weddings and other celebrations. We have captured and preserved the essence of the Texas Hill Country while making amenities and recreation available. Come experience it for yourself!


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